Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Might be crazy!

For a couple of years now I have gone back and forth about my desire to run a 1/2 marathon... From absolutely to no way in hell - literally sometimes in the same day....

Well, I literally took my first steps towards a November 2nd half marathon today.. I am starting slowly, like really slowly but I am ready to do it.. My sister's are going to run it with me, so that will be fun.. Well maybe fun isn't the correct adjective but you know what I mean.

For me to be able to do this, I need to lose like 40 lbs before then. Good news is I really want to lose like 30 before heading to the beach in mid-June. I think this will help me to get these especially adding it to boot camp and indoor soccer once a week..

I can do this.....


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