Monday, December 2, 2013

Blog Give Away!!!

OK, so there is a blog that I read literally everyday that gives great ideas for outfits and individual pieces of clothing, jewelry and shoes... It is the BEST!! I have purchased several outfits based on her blog posts...

Check it out, Pinterest Told Me To!!!

There is the link to her blog and the current contest!!

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Post Advocare Challenge Update!!

Ready for it??? 14 pounds lost!!!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo! I feel great and am excited to continue this new way of eating.....

Bring it!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 8

Well, I am closing in on the end of my 24 day challenge... It will be done on Wednesday... I am down (as of this morning) 12.8 lbs! So exciting!! I am very proud of myself.. Halloween, and the 5 events we participated in, came and went and I was able (and might i add not really tempted to eat) to stay away from all of the sweets!

What really tested my strength was on Wednesday afternoon when I found out that my grandfather passed away. He was bigger than life. The past few years my extended family has fractured, but my family came together and celebrated his life.  My mom asked me to do one of the readings at mass. I was not sure how it was going to go, but in the end I am so glad i did it.... I will miss him greatly but he lived a long, full life and I am so happy that not only I had so much time with him but that my mom had her dad in her life for 67 years. I was not so lucky with my dad, he passed away when I was only 26.

We hit the midpoint of our Biggest Loser challenge... I have lost 5.97%. Sadly, I came in second place. One of my co-workers lost 6.99%. I am super proud of myself, I am down 11.1 in the challenge so I am looking to lose another 20. I can do this, I just have to keep going.....

Until next week, XOXO

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 7

I am really digging this Advocare 24 day challenge! I am down another 3.5 lbs this week - woohoo.. This Max Phase that I am currently in seems to be working for me.. The only thing I don't really like is the number of pills that I have to take, however the results are worth it - seriously worth it!

I have not been as into bootcamp as I need to be.. There are a few reasons.. First is that I have had this stupid sore throat and cough for the past 2 weeks - grrrr... Second is that my grandfather is not doing well... like not going to live much longer.... I was at the hospital until almost 11 and getting up at 5 AM didn't sound like the best idea, especially b/c I was up until after 1:00 AM.

That is OK, this is a new week. I have boot camp and soccer tomorrow, Tuesday is my day off; Wednesday is boot camp in the morning and then I have a mavericks game that night (1st regular season game of 2013-2014 season), day off Thursday; Friday bootcamp; Saturday 5K.

Oh yeah. almost forgot, we did a 5K yesterday and we ran the whole thing in 38:25... Not the best time, but that was the first of at least 6 we are doing through the end of the year.....

Have a great week! XOXO

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 6 Update

I am LOVING the Advocare 24 day challenge!!I had gained a couple of the pounds I had lost back, and from last Saturday morning through this morning I have lost 7.2 pounds!! That's right, 7.2! I am stoked.. The most important thing for me is that I have eaten very well this week! It has not been the easiest (especially passing up cake and ice cream at work Wednesday) but it has been worth it.. I don't even really feel the desire to cheat on my clean eating..

I am a bit nervous for after the challenge.. I know a few people that have done this and after the challenge have gained back what they lost. Now, I am not sure if they continued to eat clean, but I went ahead and emailed my boot camp leader to ask her suggestions after the challenge.. Now, I am only on day 7 (of 24), but I want to be prepared with whatever it is I need to get this sorted out... I am so focused and ready to kick this transformations butt! HA!

I twisted my ankle last Monday night at my soccer game.. It was really sore all week, I only worked out Monday (twice) and Friday morning... I took this weekend off b/c next week is cardio week at camp.. My goal is to attend camp Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings this week. I have soccer Monday night and then a 5K on Saturday with my sister and her family.

So I am super excited to see how this week's weight loss with getting a full week of workouts in - so fun! Also, I hit the second phase of my challenge Thursday!

What are your plans this week??? XOXO

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 5 - Advocare 24 Day Challenge (Day 1)

Day 1 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge kicked off this morning. I am excited to see how plays out... The only issue I will have is on October 30th, I have a Mavericks game and won't be able to eat my Chicken Tenders (BOO) and then the next day is Halloween (no candy for me - double boo)..

I am going to give this my all. My new boot camp offers this "Transformation Challenge". There have been several through out 2013, and I have jumped in on the last on they are doing (it started today and ends Jan 4th). The ultimate winner wins $5,000 and then next 5 win $1,000 and a group win free boot camp for 6 months. Really, any of those sound appealing to me!! I know I can do it, just have to be laser focused through the rest of the year which could prove to be a bit challenging with the holidays coming up...

I weighed myself of Saturday b/c it was the kick off for this 4 week boot camp, so I am stoked to see where I am at on November 6th (day 24). I am shooting for 15 lbs!

Let's do this!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 4

Yesterday I played in my college alumni soccer game. It was so fun to catch up with my friends from college, best part were the beers we shared afterwards!!

I stayed the same this week - which I am rather thankful for.... I have been on a 'bender' since Thursday of last week, so I am back and refocused today. I am actually going to join Jenny Craig this week. I need help making sure I am eating not only balanced meals, but a balanced daily regimen of food. I am very excited. It is going to add some cost for us, but it is worth it in my mind b/c I need to get that part under control.

I can eat within my WW allotment every day, but just because a package of M&Ms are in the budget point wise, doesn't mean I should eat them... So, I am going to try this for a month and see how it goes. I will sign up over next weekend - wish me luck!

I also re-signed with Transformation Bootcamp, they run camps for 4 weeks, so this is the last week of this session and I am set and ready to go next Monday!

Tonight kicks off the beginning of the Dallas Mavericks 2013-2014 season, so I am looking forward to the game tonight!!

Go Mavs!!


Week 3

Totally forgot to post yesterday.. I am down another 2.3 this week - woohoo!! Not sure how that happened as I was HORRIBLE on Thursday.... But I will take it.

I am a full week into my new bootcamp and I am LOVING it! Seriously, I am exhausted after workouts and feel SO strong at the same time.. I feel so revitalized and I am stoked about it.

I was great tracking Monday-Wednesday last week. My goal is to track every day.. Baby steps, right??

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week 2 Check In

Well, 3 day cleanse happened... But I am only down 1 lb this week.. Dang it.. However, since the cleanse I feel SO MUCH better! Stronger and more focused, so even though the loss was not has big as I would have liked (I lost 3.6 lbs during the cleanse), I am okay with it b/c it has helped to refocus me!

I ate a little too much good stuff at a birthday party last night... Kicked off this morning with a 5K at the Plano Balloon Festival. It was awesome.. I took my girls with me and pushed them for the 3.1 miles. I tell you what, they are heavy combined with a 20 lb stroller... I have a new respect for Dave every time we have done one of these runs and he pushes them!

What are my goals for this week?? Track every day starting tomorrow.. NOT to weigh myself until Saturday morning - that one is going to be tough, since I get on the scale every morning usually.. I need to stop obsessing about the day to day weight b/c that just ends up frustrating me if I think I have done really well one day and it is not reflected the next day - GRR.....

So, week 3 is started and I am ready to kill it!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 1 Check in

5 down, 35 to go!! woohoo!! I am pretty excited about my start, especially because we had family in town and ate out Thursday-Saturday nights (and not healthy places)... So pumped!

Yesterday was the start of the biggest loser challenge that my sister and I run. We will end it on Saturday, December 14th. This is the one that I really want to help influence my family and friends. It is just sooo important to me to help keep those closest to me around and healthy as long as possible...

What's on the schedule for this week?? Well, I will tell you.. This morning Devon and I walked a 5K, actually we walked at least 1/2 a mile to and from the car to the start/finish so we really walked 4 miles today. We did a nice brisk pace and we thought we finished it in about 45 minutes! We are going to work our way up to running them.. She just had a baby a few months ago so she is getting back into working out and I am so happy that I can join her on these 'runs.'

Tomorrow I am kicking it off with a Shakeology 3 day cleanse. I need to get myself flushed of the processed food and ready to kick these weight loss competitions in the ass! I will do boot camp tomorrow, take Tuesday as my rest day and then boot camp (going easy) on Wednesday morning... Thursday will be Focus T25 and boot camp on Friday morning - which happens to be Dave and my 11th wedding anniversary!! Then, boot camp Saturday morning...

Have a good week. My goal for this week is another 5 lbs, b/c of the cleanse and working out all of the days listed above.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

40 by 40

I (deep sigh) turn 40 on December.... Crazy... I really can't believe it - I think that 40 is soooo old... What can you do? Well, you can set up a goal for yourself to lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday!

My sister and I have run 3 biggest loser challenges, two last year and one this summer.. I kicked butt in the two last year and the one this summer was a bust for me.. I gained like 3-4 lbs - so dumb... So the one we are running this fall starts next week and runs until Dec 14th - 4 days before my birthday!!!

I also joined a BL challenge with someone from my Beachbody group, that one is free and runs from today through January 8th - winner gets $400, so I am all in...

I am going to post every Sunday during these challenges with an update on how I did food wise, workouts and how many lbs I lose. This will help me to stay motivated....

I can do this! To me, outside of the benefit to my long term health and life, the best part about this is that I feel like I am really helping others in my life.. From family (siblings), to great friends, to high school friends I have reconnected with over Facebook and new friends I have met through working out and Team Beachbody..

I am super pumped and ready to get to my goal weight, which is what I will be if I lose 40 lbs by 40!!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Heart Rate Monitor

So, I finally broke down and bought myself a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor and watch. I LOVE it!! It is pink, most importantly, but a side bonus is that I am able to see in real time my recovery from running, squats, burpees, etc.

Now, the only thing that I think will get a little annoying is that I am signalled when my heart rate changes, every time! But I LOVE that at the end of my workout I can see the length of the workout, the calories burned, average heart rate and high/low heart rate. It is crazy how quickly I can get my heart rate pumping, but also cool how quickly I recover and it gets back into a more acceptable rate.

I have workout number 2 with it tonight, can't wait to compare the two.. Tonight is Core/Cardio, so should have some good movement!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Such a slacker poster...

Well, if any one individual might have been following my blog, they are surely long gone by now.. LOL.

We have been so busy lately, this is the one thing that has fallen by the wayside. I am still working out, still 'following' weight watchers, still busy with kids, hubby, family, work...

I can say that I have not lost much weight this summer, but the good news is I have not gained ANY weight.. I recently started Shaun T's new Focus T-25 workout and I love it! Dave is actually doing it with me which makes it fun. Now, we were great last week, but this week has gotten in the way.. I think we will start the program over next Monday and get it going..

The girls are great, getting bigger everyday and sassy.. Man are they sassy.... They start 'school' in September, and I am so excited for them to get into a classroom setting. It should be interesting...

Anyway, not much else to report today. I am going at lunch to buy a heart rate monitor watch, will post what I picked later!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

What is wrong with me? UGH!!! Back on track, 3 day Shakeology Cleanse.. Let's do this!!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost a couple!

So, I decided last month to cancel my Weight Watchers monthly pass. I went back and forth with it because I feel like I need the accountability. However, I have not found a leader that inspires me, so I just don't go to meetings.. What a waste of $39.95 per month. SO, what I have decided to do on the 15th is sign up for the online WW program. That way I still have the accountability of weighing in each week, b/c I REALLY dislike having that red exclamation point telling me I need to log my weight :)....

I had switched my weigh in day to Monday, thinking that would help me stay a bit better on track during the weekend, in theory anyway.. I was not too careful this weekend and I really enjoyed myself on Mother's Day with IHop breakfast and Campisi's pizza for dinner.. But even with that, I lost....

2.4 lbs

Woohoo, happy dance!

Keeping it going, I have 59 days left in my 60 day Combat challenge.... Let's do this!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day out there to all the beautiful women in this world - but especially to those that I have in my life!! I love that my hubby and girls are in my life and I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Oh yeah, I did day 1 of Combat today.. I am obsessed! It rocks.. Can't wait to see how I look in 60 days!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check-in and Fitbit Frustration

So, since my last post I have lost 2 lbs (it was three but I made a delicious new dessert last night that I DEVOURED) and I am feeling SO motivated!

I am not sure if it is the Shakeology, the new workout program Combat or the increased number of boot camps I am attending each week - actually it is all of the above! I am sleeping better at night and I attack each day with a new sense of power that I am loving!

Now, if my Fitbit One would cooperate.. It is not syncing to my phone or my computer - which sadly I didn't realize until yesterday.. So last night I had to take a picture on my phone of each stat on the Fitbit so that I can log it as I am back to sending my food logs to Carron (boot camp owner).. It really helps me stay accountable and sadly I really need that!

Anyway, I am plugging away and just really liking how I am feeling!

Have a great Thursday, I am looking forward to a strong finish to my first week in May!


Monday, May 6, 2013

12 for 12

I just kicked off the 12th month of my Accomplish Fitness boot camp this morning at 5:00 AM.. I really can't believe it. My life has changed so dramatically in the past 11 months, that I just have to shake my head...

I have challenged myself for the month of May to lose 12 pounds in my 12th month of camp (catchy title to the post, huh??)..  So what is that going to take?? I have been working out like a crazy person so why am I still stuck in this 6 pound up-down swing?? Oh... my diet.... check...

So, I will be sending Carron my food journal every day this month and I will follow and stick to my WW Points Plus targets each day... I can do this... I WILL do this!! I am so excited to see it start falling off again, I can almost see it now :)....

Wish me luck! We have a lot going on this month, so I am excited to keep drinking my Shakeology, working out and eating better..



Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Inspiration can come in many forms. For me, all I have to do is look at the beautiful faces of my daughters, Camille and Avery, and that is all I need. At the end of March, we came to the anniversary of my friend's passing and I took a few minutes to evaluate where I was, where I am, and where I am hoping to get..

Where I was... OBESE! Plain and simple. I can't believe I ever let myself get to that point. I am appalled and embarrassed - just exactly what I felt everyday when I looked in the mirror, got dressed and went to work. So sad, who wants to live that way - not me!!

Where I am.... I am feeling so great! Everyday I look at a picture of myself from last January and I am SO thankful that I have changed my life. I get up three days a week at 4:30 to attend boot camp, I get up at 6:15 on Saturday mornings to go and run. A year ago, I slept because I was so tired and had no energy.. Now, I literally bounce out of bed to go workout. Is it always easy, hell no. But after that workout is complete, I have such a sense of accomplishment. This month at boot camp I have noticed such an increase in my strength and stamina. I can vividly remember not being able to run a full lap around the parking lot, barely being able to do a push up on my knees... Today is such a different picture and I am so fortunate that I found this group to workout with and more importantly that I committed to be a better me!

Where I am hoping to get... That is a big and loaded question.. I of course want to lose more weight, but more importantly, I want to become even stronger, fitter and healthier. I am going to sign up for 1/2 marathon training for the Dallas Half in December. I want to be an even better example for my children and my husband. I love, love, love hearing Dave say that I inspire him and I want to keep that going!

I am very lucky that I have the time available to put in the work that is necessary to become healthy, I am so lucky to have a supportive husband that is my biggest cheerleader and most importantly I am proud of myself for believing that I am worth this hard work and effort to be the BEST ME possible!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little bit hungry... Great results....

So at the end of the day yesterday I was a wee bit hungry.. However, I stuck to my plan for the Six Day Express and got on the scale this morning with an awesome 2.5 pound loss! So excited.. I played soccer and did my Slim in 6 workout yesterday. So, later this afternoon I will do day 2, and add in the limber routine with the start it up and the ab workouts.

I put on my paperwork that I am shooting to lose 7 pounds and a few inches in this first week.. God I hope it works!  Wish me luck!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Slim in 6 Challenge... Day 1

Well, I finally received my Team Beachbody Challenge Pack on Friday of last week and I was ramped up all weekend to get started.. So, there is an option with the Slim in 6 (weeks) that you can do a 6 day express diet so I said sure why not... It is 3:00 day one and I am SOOOO hungry! HA!

We had family in town all weekend and that means one thing - lots of eating out.. I tried my best to be good, but I know that I was not tracking and making choices that I have not made in a long time. But the good thing is I am back on track and that is really all that matters..

So, for the next 6 days, I will be following a more strict dietary plan that includes my new Shakeology shakes for breakfast as a meal replacement! I am so excited and this morning didn't disappoint as it was quite tasty.  There are 3 DVDs that come in this set the first of which is called Start It Up and seems to be an introduction into the program. It was tougher than I thought it would be, but I was able to add in the 15 minute ab workout at the end.. Tonight I have an indoor soccer game, so I can get in my 2 workouts today.  I have pretty lofty goals, I want to lose 7 pounds this week and 3 inches off my body... I hope I can do it, it will be a great step up to kick this challenge into gear. Team Beachbody offers cash prizes weekly for their challenge participants, so I took my before photos on Saturday and can't wait to see where I am at in 6 short weeks (leading right into summer)!!


Friday, March 15, 2013

BIG Day!!

I am officially a Team Beachbody Coach, woohoo! I have been wanting to replace my normal breakfast with a Shakeology protein shake for awhile now and the perfect opportunity for that fell into my lap recently.

Let's back up to circa 1997-1998... I was the 7th and 8th grade soccer coach at a small private school in Dallas called ESD. I was also the assistant coach for the varsity team. One of the girls on varsity played with and against my youngest sister in club soccer.

Fast forward to Facebook land and Brooke and I re-connected as friends on Facebook. She and her husband recently relocated to Dallas and she is the person who talked me into running the Cowtown 10K a few weeks ago. She recently got started as a Team Beachbody coach and was nice enough to include me in an email she sent to family and friends about her new venture... SIGN ME UP I said, and this morning we did just that!

I am not sure yet how invested I am at making a living at selling the products, but I know that I am excited to start with my shakes as soon as they arrive (5-7 business days) and to start a new workout program, Slim in 6 which is the Challenge group that I have joined.

I am super excited as I was looking for another way to help push me to losing this last 35 lbs! I am so excited and will be reaching out to those near and dear that I think would actually consider purchasing either the DVD workout programs or the Shakeology. My initial goal is to sign up 3 people so that will cover the expense of my shakeology order each month..

Wish me luck, and if by chance anyone is out there reading my blog, let me know if you would like for me to sign you up :)

XOXO - today is a great day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekly Report - A Great One, oh and other exciting news :)

Slacking aside, I am still plugging away at my fitness program... Actually, I feel so strong right now and I feel like I am getting so fit! At boot camp last night we pushed my car (Chevy Tahoe) around the parking lot where we work out - twice! It was awesome and very tiring.... I am finally getting myself back to attending double boot camps on Monday and Wednesdays.. Yesterday was day one, and MAN were my arms sore (Arm day) and I followed 2 boot camps with an indoor soccer game at 10 PM. Needless to say, I didn't make it up for my 6 AM run with running club, oops. I am going to go and work out at lunch today with one of my co-workers. My company just moved into our brand spanking new building (we built it from the ground up) and we have a 5,000 sq ft fitness center. I have not been in it yet, but we are checking it out today at lunch.. Kinda excited!!

I received an email from Fitbit this morning with last week's activity summary and I am VERY happy with it..

Awesome job, if I do say so myself... In one other piece of exciting news.... I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss a breast reduction and lift. I am literally down 63 pounds and my boobs have not seemed to have shrunk at all... This has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time now, but my hubby was not super keen on the idea (gee, I wonder why)... But I feel like the progress that I have made over the last 9 months has made him see that they are causing a problem. I have to wear like 1-2 sizes bigger in shirts because of them.. As my body is changing so much, it really is a pain in the butt to have them not change as well. I am not sure what the surgeon will say.. I still have another 30-35 pounds to lose, and my goal is to be there by the beginning of June. So, would he want to wait until after that is done? I am not sure I am really ready yet to schedule this thing, but I am excited to get the ball rolling - and I am even more excited that Dave is on board and will attend the consultation with me!  I will keep you all (yeah right, like anyone is out there) posted..

Have a great Tuesday! XOXO

Friday, March 8, 2013

Still working...

Check, check?? Sadly, anyone who might have happened upon my little blog is surely long gone.. Although, not sure anyone besides my husband keeps reading this.. LOL...

I am still here, still working.. I have spent the last 3, almost 4, weeks sending my food journal every day (literally missed one Sunday and that is it) to my boot camp lady. It has made it super sensitive to what I am actually eating. I thought that as long as I stayed within my points every day, I was fine. I have been losing weight (almost 10 lbs in February) and am finally back below where my low point was last October, whew!!

So my boot camp lady (not sure if she would want me to mention her here on my blog) walked me through some changes I need to make over the next couple of weeks. I need to 'get rid of the empty calories,' basically. I knew the breakfast bars needed to go, I have one more left and I am DONE with the last box I will most likely ever buy! I have made the change to Greek Yogurt, there is a 0% fat Yoplait version that is only 2 ww points for 5.3 oz (the normal kind I eat is 1 point for 4 oz, so I think I am getting more bang for my buck).. Also, it is like double the protein from the other which is one area I need to increase my intake.. Basically I am not eating enough calories for the amount I am working out and not enough protein..

So, I will be off to Sprouts this weekend to get some almonds, laughing cow cheese squares and Greek yogurt.. I am such a picky eater that I have to really try to make these changes, it is not the easiest for me....

I am wearing a pair of jeans that I couldn't button at the beginning of February, and that feels amazing.. I can get down to my weight when Dave and I got married by the the middle of April - at least that is my goal!! By summer, I hope to be at my goal weight - and by the end of May hope to be at my WW goal weight...

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First full week of stats!

I received an email this morning with my weekly status report, my first full week of wearing my Fitbit. I was very happy with the results.. Here they are:

Obvioulsy I didn't track the full week of food... But I am impressed with the steps, distance and calories burned!!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Good and bad of the weekend...

I worked out really hard last week... I ran Sunday; boot camp and ran Monday; soccer on Tuesday; boot camp and ran on Wednesday; 5K on Thursday; finally a day off on Friday; 4 mile run on Saturday. My body is tired and SORE, holy moly! I am going to try to balance out a bit more this week to recover a bit. I took yesterday off so that is a better start, LOL....

On Saturday night I went to a gala with my mom, and it was cocktail attire, so I only wore my Fitbit until about 3:00 PM... At 9:00 AM I already logged over 12,000 steps... Awesome!

Here are my stats for the week - OH and I lost 1.2 lbs last week YAY, now I just need to get my eating habits back in check and that number should sky rocket!




Have a great Monday out there :).  XOXO

Friday, February 1, 2013

January 5K in the books!

Well, Dave and my goal for 2013 (not sure if I have mentioned it before) is to do at least one 5K each month in 2013! With running club, I have run longer distance each Saturday in January, but we have not done a 5K race together. Well, until last night that is :)... We participated in the Luke's Locker (FREE) Rival Prediction Run. It was kinda neat, you had to predict your time for the race before hand and you couldn't wear a watch during the race...  We predicted 35:20 as our time.. We went back and forth and went between that and 36:00, in the end, I wanted to push myself a bit so there you go.

I was very proud of us, we finished in 35:53. If we had predicted 36:00, we both would have won the prediction prize of a free pair of Nike running shorts and a $25 gift card to Luke's.. As it turns out, Dave (one of 3 men at the race) won and got himself a $58 pair of shorts and a gift card. SO COOL!!The woman closest was 8 seconds away (see I would have won being 7 seconds off, dang it)!!

Here are my stats from yesterday. So my fitness goals are being met, now I need to stick to my points each day... I think I am down like 6 pounds in January, but I wish I was down 10 :(....

We have the girls' 3 year well visit today.. I run in the morning, Dave has soccer practice and I am attending the Bishops Gala as a volunteer with my mom tomorrow night - busy day.. Then Sunday we are having a play date with Kelly (our surrogate) and Sophia followed by a Superbowl party at my sister's house....

Wish us luck on another busy, but really fun, weekend! XOXO

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two more tracking days.....

Forgot to post my update from Tuesday.... I only had a soccer game on Tuesday, didn't get a second workout in, but I am happy with my numbers - well except for my active score, I much rather have that over 1000....

And for yesterday.. I had boot camp at 5 AM and then I went and joined my first Luke's Social Run with my running group and I have to say I liked it.. Not necessarily the running, but definitely the group environment... I was much happier with yesterday's activity all around :)....

Tonight Dave and I are doing a free 5K at Luke's Locker called the Nike Rival Prediction Run. You don't wear a watch and you predict your time prior to the start, if you predict your time you win a Nike prize!!

Wish us luck! XOXO

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Tracking Notes

Here are my first tracking stats from my Fitbit. I did boot camp for an hour and then ran for 20 minutes last night for my daily activity. I also tracked my food for the first day through the Fitbit website...

Kinda awesome! I love seeing what I accomplished...

Tonight my indoor team is playing in the finals, so I will only do one workout today.. It will not be nearly as impressive numbers as Monday, but hopefully we can beat the undefeated team in our league tonight and get a free t-shirt :)..

Wish us luck.. XOXO

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 4 and my Fitbit

I am officially on Week 4 of my Luke's Locker BGO training program.. Man, it is tough, I really and not the biggest fan of running, but I am getting it done, step by step... I bought a new pair of running shoes today. I have had my current Adidas SuperNova Glide 4s since late August and it was definitely time for a new pair.. Every 3-4 months I should get a new pair (more towards 3 months now that I have added running into the mix). I ended up with the Adidas SuperNova Glide 5s... I am excited, they are silver with a bright (almost highlighter color pink)... Should be fun...

In other exciting news.... My sisters and their families gave me a Fitbit for my birthday.. I have researched until I am blue in the face to determine which would be the best calorie/step/mileage tracker. I finally decided on the Fitbit. Although the Nike Fuelband is cooler looking, it seems that the Fitbit will give a more detailed breakdown of the data and that is what I am looking for.. SO, I got it last Friday and have worn it non-stop since then. I LOVE IT! I love checking to see where I am at during the day with my step count, calories burned and floors climbed... It is crazy to see the number of steps I get through in an hour boot camp, a 30 minute jog and then during the day with normal activities...

BIG FAN! Now, I will be able to update on my numbers as I blog.. Yay me :)... XOXO

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back into the swing of things

Horrible blogger, I know.... What can you do?? With the holidays behind us, we moved straight into Camille and Avery's 3rd birthday celebration! I can't believe my babies are going to be 3 on Sunday.. Crazy town... Here are a few pics...

Camille on the left, Avery on the right.. This was the evening they were born!

This is November just a few months shy of turning 3... Avery on the left, Camille on the right...

It blows my mind that these two strong, beautiful and funny (so funny) little girls are my babies... God I love them!!

Anyway..... Back to regular scheduled programming.. I went back to WW last week, and then my first weigh in after getting back to it was this past Saturday.. I lost 5.3 lbs - which is awesome, however, I am still up almost 8-9 lbs from the end of October.. I can do it.. Last week I tweaked my ankle on Monday night playing soccer, and was literally not able to work out until my 4 mile run on Saturday morning..So, that 5.3 lbs was all diet, now adding working out into the mix, I am hoping for another strong week (and after the way I ate Sunday and Monday i need to bounce back big time).....

My first official race with my Luke's group is this Saturday morning. I am excited (especially since it is only a 5K and we have run 4 miles the past couple of Saturdays).....  I also have an indoor soccer game on Friday night, random, at 7:00 and if my team can pull out a win, we will make the playoffs for the first time ever! So exciting!!

This weekend my in laws are in town to celebrate the girls turning 3. Their birthday is on Sunday and I can't wait to celebrate with them!!  Sunday night we have their birthday dinner that we are sharing with their cousin Chloe, whose birthday is Monday...

So much going on, and so little time.. My goal this week is to go to bootcamp Monday (check), Tuesday, and Thursday... Run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday..... Indoor Friday and 5K Saturday morning.. Pray for me :)

Have a great short week! XOXO.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Second run happens today...

So, I was super nervous on Saturday for my 3 mile tester run... It went great, I ran a 34:30 time for the 3 miles. The next step was waiting to find out which color group I would be placed into and what my training schedule for the week would be. I really am a big fan of breaking the training up by the week - that way you (I) don't get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of training you have over the next 20 weeks.

Turns out I am in the slowest (no real shocker there) group in my Quick Beat program. I am okay with that for now, but my goal will be to move to the next group by the end of this training. I can do it.. This is really going to help me trim down and make boot camp better for me so I think I can do it!

The other scheduled activities I have had going on have kept me busy. Saturday afternoon my high school held their Alumni Game. I was not going to play and then decided at the last minute "what the hell." What I didn't realize was that I would be playing against the current BL Varsity team. WOW are they young! I was the oldest alumni by about 10 years, so I felt my age. What I will say is that even being so much older, I held my own out there and even scored a goal :)... It was fun and I am glad I did it. Next year my goal will be to get some of my old teammates out there with me!

Boot camp officially kicked off for the month of January yesterday morning, it was great but exhausting! I rounded out the day with an indoor game at 10:45 PM - so basically I woke up at 4:30 and fell asleep around 1:30 - that is what I call a long day....

So back to the title of this post... I have my second run today. 20 minutes with a 5 minute tempo. I had no idea what that meant, so I asked a co-worker who is an avid runner and she explained that I had to run faster than my normal pace for that 5 minute period. The only issue is that it is supposed to rain today, so I brought my stuff with me and will get on the treadmill at the office at like 4:00 today and knock out my 20 minutes before going to pick up the girls at my moms house..

Wish me luck :) XOXO

Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I went to the informational meeting at Luke's Locker for the running club I joined that starts tomorrow morning.. I am not sure why, but I was SOOOO nervous going into the meeting.. I know it is crazy, I know that I have gotten myself into shape at least to get out there and run - but when I am not as comfortable with my ability to do something, I have a sense of dread and unease that comes over me..

I sat quietly through the meeting and didn't say anything or ask any questions. After we finished I cornered the administrator of the program and talked to her.. GOD, I felt so much better after that! I told her where I started and where I am at now and what I have been doing with boot camp.. I also told her that this is in addition to boot camp and NOT my only fitness practice that I am doing.. She was great and said that we could work on adjusting my monthly calendar to fit with boot camp.  Now, I am excited!

Tomorrow kicks off the 20 week program.. We have a timed 3 mile run that will put us into our pace groups and then it goes from there.. I am excited and ready to have this new activity added to my program.

I am ready to lose this last 35-45 pounds - I am ready to feel stronger and faster - I am ready to get back to the me I was 12 years ago.. It is exciting, intimidating and nerve wracking all in one...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ready set.....

GOOOOOO.... I am SO ready to get 2013 underway.  Bootcamp tomorrow afternoon, running club meeting Thursday, bootcamp Friday and my first run with Luke's Locker on Saturday.. I couldn't be more excited...

Now, the one dilemma I have is what monitoring device to get.. Unfortunately I will not be able to everything I want with one thing, so I am thinking I am going to do the Nike+ Fuel Band and either a Polar or Garmin watch... They are all pretty expensive, so I will be putting them both on my birthday list!!

I am excited to start tracking my food again tomorrow and get back on my weight loss journey. I have (after gaining 9 pounds - ouch) 40 pounds to go... LET'S DO THIS!!!