Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 4

Yesterday I played in my college alumni soccer game. It was so fun to catch up with my friends from college, best part were the beers we shared afterwards!!

I stayed the same this week - which I am rather thankful for.... I have been on a 'bender' since Thursday of last week, so I am back and refocused today. I am actually going to join Jenny Craig this week. I need help making sure I am eating not only balanced meals, but a balanced daily regimen of food. I am very excited. It is going to add some cost for us, but it is worth it in my mind b/c I need to get that part under control.

I can eat within my WW allotment every day, but just because a package of M&Ms are in the budget point wise, doesn't mean I should eat them... So, I am going to try this for a month and see how it goes. I will sign up over next weekend - wish me luck!

I also re-signed with Transformation Bootcamp, they run camps for 4 weeks, so this is the last week of this session and I am set and ready to go next Monday!

Tonight kicks off the beginning of the Dallas Mavericks 2013-2014 season, so I am looking forward to the game tonight!!

Go Mavs!!


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