Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 6 Update

I am LOVING the Advocare 24 day challenge!!I had gained a couple of the pounds I had lost back, and from last Saturday morning through this morning I have lost 7.2 pounds!! That's right, 7.2! I am stoked.. The most important thing for me is that I have eaten very well this week! It has not been the easiest (especially passing up cake and ice cream at work Wednesday) but it has been worth it.. I don't even really feel the desire to cheat on my clean eating..

I am a bit nervous for after the challenge.. I know a few people that have done this and after the challenge have gained back what they lost. Now, I am not sure if they continued to eat clean, but I went ahead and emailed my boot camp leader to ask her suggestions after the challenge.. Now, I am only on day 7 (of 24), but I want to be prepared with whatever it is I need to get this sorted out... I am so focused and ready to kick this transformations butt! HA!

I twisted my ankle last Monday night at my soccer game.. It was really sore all week, I only worked out Monday (twice) and Friday morning... I took this weekend off b/c next week is cardio week at camp.. My goal is to attend camp Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings this week. I have soccer Monday night and then a 5K on Saturday with my sister and her family.

So I am super excited to see how this week's weight loss with getting a full week of workouts in - so fun! Also, I hit the second phase of my challenge Thursday!

What are your plans this week??? XOXO

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