Monday, May 6, 2013

12 for 12

I just kicked off the 12th month of my Accomplish Fitness boot camp this morning at 5:00 AM.. I really can't believe it. My life has changed so dramatically in the past 11 months, that I just have to shake my head...

I have challenged myself for the month of May to lose 12 pounds in my 12th month of camp (catchy title to the post, huh??)..  So what is that going to take?? I have been working out like a crazy person so why am I still stuck in this 6 pound up-down swing?? Oh... my diet.... check...

So, I will be sending Carron my food journal every day this month and I will follow and stick to my WW Points Plus targets each day... I can do this... I WILL do this!! I am so excited to see it start falling off again, I can almost see it now :)....

Wish me luck! We have a lot going on this month, so I am excited to keep drinking my Shakeology, working out and eating better..



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