Thursday, May 9, 2013

Check-in and Fitbit Frustration

So, since my last post I have lost 2 lbs (it was three but I made a delicious new dessert last night that I DEVOURED) and I am feeling SO motivated!

I am not sure if it is the Shakeology, the new workout program Combat or the increased number of boot camps I am attending each week - actually it is all of the above! I am sleeping better at night and I attack each day with a new sense of power that I am loving!

Now, if my Fitbit One would cooperate.. It is not syncing to my phone or my computer - which sadly I didn't realize until yesterday.. So last night I had to take a picture on my phone of each stat on the Fitbit so that I can log it as I am back to sending my food logs to Carron (boot camp owner).. It really helps me stay accountable and sadly I really need that!

Anyway, I am plugging away and just really liking how I am feeling!

Have a great Thursday, I am looking forward to a strong finish to my first week in May!


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