Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost a couple!

So, I decided last month to cancel my Weight Watchers monthly pass. I went back and forth with it because I feel like I need the accountability. However, I have not found a leader that inspires me, so I just don't go to meetings.. What a waste of $39.95 per month. SO, what I have decided to do on the 15th is sign up for the online WW program. That way I still have the accountability of weighing in each week, b/c I REALLY dislike having that red exclamation point telling me I need to log my weight :)....

I had switched my weigh in day to Monday, thinking that would help me stay a bit better on track during the weekend, in theory anyway.. I was not too careful this weekend and I really enjoyed myself on Mother's Day with IHop breakfast and Campisi's pizza for dinner.. But even with that, I lost....

2.4 lbs

Woohoo, happy dance!

Keeping it going, I have 59 days left in my 60 day Combat challenge.... Let's do this!!


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