Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 8

Well, I am closing in on the end of my 24 day challenge... It will be done on Wednesday... I am down (as of this morning) 12.8 lbs! So exciting!! I am very proud of myself.. Halloween, and the 5 events we participated in, came and went and I was able (and might i add not really tempted to eat) to stay away from all of the sweets!

What really tested my strength was on Wednesday afternoon when I found out that my grandfather passed away. He was bigger than life. The past few years my extended family has fractured, but my family came together and celebrated his life.  My mom asked me to do one of the readings at mass. I was not sure how it was going to go, but in the end I am so glad i did it.... I will miss him greatly but he lived a long, full life and I am so happy that not only I had so much time with him but that my mom had her dad in her life for 67 years. I was not so lucky with my dad, he passed away when I was only 26.

We hit the midpoint of our Biggest Loser challenge... I have lost 5.97%. Sadly, I came in second place. One of my co-workers lost 6.99%. I am super proud of myself, I am down 11.1 in the challenge so I am looking to lose another 20. I can do this, I just have to keep going.....

Until next week, XOXO

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