Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 4 and my Fitbit

I am officially on Week 4 of my Luke's Locker BGO training program.. Man, it is tough, I really and not the biggest fan of running, but I am getting it done, step by step... I bought a new pair of running shoes today. I have had my current Adidas SuperNova Glide 4s since late August and it was definitely time for a new pair.. Every 3-4 months I should get a new pair (more towards 3 months now that I have added running into the mix). I ended up with the Adidas SuperNova Glide 5s... I am excited, they are silver with a bright (almost highlighter color pink)... Should be fun...

In other exciting news.... My sisters and their families gave me a Fitbit for my birthday.. I have researched until I am blue in the face to determine which would be the best calorie/step/mileage tracker. I finally decided on the Fitbit. Although the Nike Fuelband is cooler looking, it seems that the Fitbit will give a more detailed breakdown of the data and that is what I am looking for.. SO, I got it last Friday and have worn it non-stop since then. I LOVE IT! I love checking to see where I am at during the day with my step count, calories burned and floors climbed... It is crazy to see the number of steps I get through in an hour boot camp, a 30 minute jog and then during the day with normal activities...

BIG FAN! Now, I will be able to update on my numbers as I blog.. Yay me :)... XOXO

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