Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I went to the informational meeting at Luke's Locker for the running club I joined that starts tomorrow morning.. I am not sure why, but I was SOOOO nervous going into the meeting.. I know it is crazy, I know that I have gotten myself into shape at least to get out there and run - but when I am not as comfortable with my ability to do something, I have a sense of dread and unease that comes over me..

I sat quietly through the meeting and didn't say anything or ask any questions. After we finished I cornered the administrator of the program and talked to her.. GOD, I felt so much better after that! I told her where I started and where I am at now and what I have been doing with boot camp.. I also told her that this is in addition to boot camp and NOT my only fitness practice that I am doing.. She was great and said that we could work on adjusting my monthly calendar to fit with boot camp.  Now, I am excited!

Tomorrow kicks off the 20 week program.. We have a timed 3 mile run that will put us into our pace groups and then it goes from there.. I am excited and ready to have this new activity added to my program.

I am ready to lose this last 35-45 pounds - I am ready to feel stronger and faster - I am ready to get back to the me I was 12 years ago.. It is exciting, intimidating and nerve wracking all in one...


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