Sunday, September 8, 2013

40 by 40

I (deep sigh) turn 40 on December.... Crazy... I really can't believe it - I think that 40 is soooo old... What can you do? Well, you can set up a goal for yourself to lose 40 lbs by my 40th birthday!

My sister and I have run 3 biggest loser challenges, two last year and one this summer.. I kicked butt in the two last year and the one this summer was a bust for me.. I gained like 3-4 lbs - so dumb... So the one we are running this fall starts next week and runs until Dec 14th - 4 days before my birthday!!!

I also joined a BL challenge with someone from my Beachbody group, that one is free and runs from today through January 8th - winner gets $400, so I am all in...

I am going to post every Sunday during these challenges with an update on how I did food wise, workouts and how many lbs I lose. This will help me to stay motivated....

I can do this! To me, outside of the benefit to my long term health and life, the best part about this is that I feel like I am really helping others in my life.. From family (siblings), to great friends, to high school friends I have reconnected with over Facebook and new friends I have met through working out and Team Beachbody..

I am super pumped and ready to get to my goal weight, which is what I will be if I lose 40 lbs by 40!!


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