Friday, August 9, 2013

Such a slacker poster...

Well, if any one individual might have been following my blog, they are surely long gone by now.. LOL.

We have been so busy lately, this is the one thing that has fallen by the wayside. I am still working out, still 'following' weight watchers, still busy with kids, hubby, family, work...

I can say that I have not lost much weight this summer, but the good news is I have not gained ANY weight.. I recently started Shaun T's new Focus T-25 workout and I love it! Dave is actually doing it with me which makes it fun. Now, we were great last week, but this week has gotten in the way.. I think we will start the program over next Monday and get it going..

The girls are great, getting bigger everyday and sassy.. Man are they sassy.... They start 'school' in September, and I am so excited for them to get into a classroom setting. It should be interesting...

Anyway, not much else to report today. I am going at lunch to buy a heart rate monitor watch, will post what I picked later!


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