Friday, February 1, 2013

January 5K in the books!

Well, Dave and my goal for 2013 (not sure if I have mentioned it before) is to do at least one 5K each month in 2013! With running club, I have run longer distance each Saturday in January, but we have not done a 5K race together. Well, until last night that is :)... We participated in the Luke's Locker (FREE) Rival Prediction Run. It was kinda neat, you had to predict your time for the race before hand and you couldn't wear a watch during the race...  We predicted 35:20 as our time.. We went back and forth and went between that and 36:00, in the end, I wanted to push myself a bit so there you go.

I was very proud of us, we finished in 35:53. If we had predicted 36:00, we both would have won the prediction prize of a free pair of Nike running shorts and a $25 gift card to Luke's.. As it turns out, Dave (one of 3 men at the race) won and got himself a $58 pair of shorts and a gift card. SO COOL!!The woman closest was 8 seconds away (see I would have won being 7 seconds off, dang it)!!

Here are my stats from yesterday. So my fitness goals are being met, now I need to stick to my points each day... I think I am down like 6 pounds in January, but I wish I was down 10 :(....

We have the girls' 3 year well visit today.. I run in the morning, Dave has soccer practice and I am attending the Bishops Gala as a volunteer with my mom tomorrow night - busy day.. Then Sunday we are having a play date with Kelly (our surrogate) and Sophia followed by a Superbowl party at my sister's house....

Wish us luck on another busy, but really fun, weekend! XOXO

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