Friday, December 21, 2012

Ready for 2013

I just signed up to join the Luke's Locker running training program.. We ran the Dallas Jingle Bell Run on Wednesday night (12/19), my quads are still sore to the touch - I can't believe how after only about 3-4 weeks my fitness has taken a hit. We have decided to run a 5K once a month in 2013 (I might have mentioned that on here before), and I really feel that the only way to succeed is to run between the races - which I have NOT done since we started running races this past September.

I am nervous though.. Although I have lost a significant amount of weight, I am still fat. I really am not self-conscious around my boot camp peeps, but joining a new group really makes me nervous. At times, I still see myself as I was just 6 short months ago. When is that self-image ever going to change? I feel like people are always looking at me and thinking 'what is that fat girl doing out here - who is she kidding'.. Now, I know that doesn't happen, but I can't help feeling that way.. When is it going to change?? UGH!

At what point does my mental image catch up to my physical one??

On a good note, tonight we are celebrating Christmas with my boot camp peeps! I am so excited, these are the ladies that have truly been my inspiration and sanity though my journey thus far. I love them!!


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