Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beginning of the end...

Of my 30's that is.. Today is my birthday, and I am now 39..... UGH, it hurts to just type it LOL.  I have finally gotten myself back on track.. I am back at bootcamp after my back issue and I am in full swing. It feels so good to be back out there, sweating and working hard. I am so excited to get going again and start dropping some more weight.. I have gained a few pounds back in the last month, but I am VERY confident that those plus the other 35 I want to lose are going to just "fall off" me..

I lost my active link when I was shopping for an outfit for my company holiday party. So big item on my to do list is to go and pick one up, I think it means I will have to start the entire program all over again, but I am A-OK with that - more motivation!  My family will do another biggest loser competition starting in January and I WILL WIN this one - dear lord I better :)....

I really don't think anyone is out there reading this, but if you are sorry I have been a slacker, but I am back now and I am excited to get back to my journey... One of my best friends from high school posted this thing on Facebook the other day that she was going to put a rock in a jar for every pound she wants to lose in 2013, and when she gets there her hubby will give her a big gift.. I LOVE that idea, not even so much the gift as seeing the pounds moving out of one jar into another - so I am going to do that too! I have to go and get a couple of mason jars and bag of pebbles and I will be all set come 1/1/2013!


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