Friday, November 2, 2012

(Another) Busy weekend ahead!

My in-laws are coming into town this afternoon, which means we have another busy weekend ahead! We will do dinner tonight and then I will meet the group for breakfast after boot camp in the morning; which i am sure will be followed by some shopping.. Then, tomorrow night I have a Dallas Mavs game (mini season ticket package holder with my mom and sisters) and Dave has to work this photo booth party SO the girls are coming with me to the game and so we will do an early dinner with the in-laws. Sunday morning breakfast again and then we will just hang out until they head back to Oklahoma after lunch..

It is nice when they come it now because the girls are old enough that they remember them, and Dave's parents like to watch the girls and the new things they can do every time they see them!

Not much more to post today, just needed to get something out here since I am trying to post a blog every day in November (I might have bit off more than I can chew)!


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