Saturday, November 10, 2012


Missed posting yesterday.. Dang it... Well, we will just get back into it and start fresh from here.

I have never liked to run.. My mom LOVES to tell the story of me when I was like 10 years old. I was on a club soccer team and we had to run 2 miles several times per week. So, my mom (or dad) and I would head up to the track at Richardson High School and I would literally cry as I ran the entire 2 miles.. Now, I didn't say I couldn't run, just that I didn't like it. I was running like 6 minute miles.. Crazy! It never got any better. Luckily, I played a lot of soccer so I didn't have to run a ton on my own, I was able to stay in great shape.

Well, now 6 1/2 months into boot camp I have realized that I need to add a little extra to my routine to offset not having advanced camp. So, back in September we (Dave, the girls and I) ran our first 5K as a family. We have done the Turkey Trot previously, however it was the first time we ran the whole thing. So, we then did one  in October that my company sponsored.. We knocked 2 min and 10 sec off our time from the first one. Well, today we did #3! OMG, it was the toughest one yet! It was held at the Dallas Zoo, the Running for Rhinos race. The course was SOOO hilly! It seemed like the next hill came and we changed course, so we never really got a good downhill relief on the first 1.5 miles of the run... I couldn't even believe it when we knocked another 35 seconds off our time - SHOCKED!!!

I am actually enjoying the runs we have done. I know that I really need to start running during the week between the monthly races, so that is my goal for this week! I am going to run for 15 minutes after evening boot camp on Monday and Wednesday.. Then, on Tuesday I will do Insanity and run for at least 2 miles. Thursday evening, I will try to get Dave and the girls to head out and jog with me OR go to zumba class...

So, I have 2 more races to go in November... Crazy town!! I am doing the Glow Run next Saturday evening with a group of boot camp peeps - I am really looking forward to it! Then, on Thanksgiving, we will do the Turkey Trot as a family. Hopefully, it is not as cold as it was last year....

I need to find at least one race for December for us to do.. Then, Dave suggested we do one race per month in 2013 - I think it will be awesome, I am excited to see what I can find for us to do!!

I am excited for my rest day tomorrow, hopefully the girls sleep in so that I can as well :)..


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