Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st

How is it possible that it is already November? It seems like the years are just flying by now.. I have heard that happens when you have kids, but dang! I wish it would slow down just a little bit. The girls are at such a fun age right now. We have started having full out conversations, which is bananas. They get so excited when we get to go to the park, or watch Toy Story. Life is definitely fun right now!!

Last night we went trick or treating with my sister and her family. My mom came by for the first part of the night and then she headed to our other sister's house to see my nieces. My sister, Devon, and I live literally on the same block. Her street dead ends into mine, and we are the corner house. We could conceivably live on the same street if our house turned :).. I really love living near them! Our kids are so close in age, and they are buddies so we get to meet them at the park all the time, or we hang out with each other at either house. Now, if we could just get Ashley and her family to move closer (I mean, she is only in Richardson which is like 10-15 minutes away), it would be perfect!!

I failed on my "no candy" last night.. I had to sneak a few now and laters and a fun size snickers.. I think I am going to pay for it on the scale today at Weight Watchers.. I think I might have gained a smidge this week. And, I am surprisingly okay with it... I didn't track one item of food that I ate on Sunday. We finished up our Biggest Loser challenge and I told myself that I would relax a bit from Sunday-Thursday (today) and then get back to the grind :).... I feel that if I don't have a few days like that every once in awhile, then I will fail at my effort to not only lose this weight but keep it off. The great thing about Weight Watchers is that I don't feel like I am ever depriving myself of anything, however I have most definitely changed the way that I look at food and what I need it for. Does that make sense?  At the same time, I think that reality is that I am not perfect and although I know that I don't need candy, or a burger, or french fries that I will eat them again but if I can do it in away that is modified I won't fall back off the wagon. That is what I am hoping anyway... I feel better about my chances of success than ever before because of my two girls and Dave. I just want to be healthy and be around for a very long time and this is the way to do it!

One last thing before I say goodbye and get to work! I did a health screening at the office and they took blood, height/weight, BP, heart rate, etc... I had a similar test done at SMU about a year and a half ago. At that time, my body's "age" was like 42 or 43 (I was 37) and I got the results back from my screening and my body's "age is now 36!!! That is an awesome swing and I know that all of my hard work is definitely paying off! It told me that I could (with more weight loss) get down to 33, so that is my goal, to be a 38 (almost 39) year old 33 year old! I can do it!!

Here are my stats from yesterday:
Point Plus - 28 points used / 0 remaining
Activity - 7 activity points earned / 106% of my goal

Until tomorrow.... XOXO

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