Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Man did we have a lot going on this weekend (not that it was very different from any other)! Friday night we went to the Dallas Zoo with my sister and brother (and their families) for the Halloween Nights activities. It was so cool! The kids were able to see some of the animals and were able to "trick or treat" at booths throughout the zoo. It was cold, but really alot of fun!

Saturday morning we got up and headed down to Fair Park for a 5K run that my company was the title sponsor of supporting the Diabetes Wellness and Health Institute. It was pretty cool, we had like 75 people on "Team MedAssets." So, our first 5K was at the end of September at the Plano Balloon Festival. We ran the entire way (I was hoping to run a mile) - I had not gone out to run one time prior to it. I had a goal of 45 minutes with walking/running. Dave was the most awesome support throughout the run and I actually made it (we made it) the whole way! It was awesome!! Best feeling!! Our time was 38min and 7 sec. I was very, very excited.

So this run we just wanted to beat our previous time.. Now, it was literally 38 degrees outside and it was MISERABLE. Camille and Avery were bundled up in our new jogging stroller and they whined and cried the entire 3.1 miles (and for the next hour before we went home). I felt stronger (lord knows I was 10 lbs lighter that the last race) and we knocked 2 min and 10 sec off our time! I was thrilled. Even better was that I was not as 'done' as I was after the Balloon run...

Saturday night we went to a Halloween carnival with my sisters and their families. It was awesome and the kids had so much fun!

Sunday morning we had our final weigh in for the Biggest Loser contest my family was doing. We had 7 participants and sadly, only 2 of us weighed in on the final day - me and my mom.... I felt great, I lost 25 lbs since the beginning of August... But dang it, so did my mom... Because she started at a lower weight, she had a higher percentage of weight loss. I was so disappointed.... Seriously..... But then she made my day by splitting the winnings with me, so we each walked away with $175!! She is so great and I appreciate her doing that, not sure if I would have been so flexible with the winnings, lol...

So, here are my stats from the weekend:

28 points plus used
3 activity points earned (forgot to wear it all day) / 78% of goal

26 points plus used / 2 remaining
10 activity points earned / 133% of goal

Didn't track anything and didn't wear my activelink :(


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