Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well, the cleanse is finished - woohoo!! I was only kind of bitchy at the end of day 2, so I thought that was as much of an accomplishment as finishing the whole thing was, lol. I feel really great.I went to bootcamp this morning for the first time this week and although I was pretty weak from the cleanse, I made it through and felt really good afterwards. Now, the cleanse itself.. I had gained like 2 pounds from Thursday when I weighed in at WW to Sunday morning when the cleanse started. So, I lost 4 lbs during the cleanse but unfortunately it will only reflect as a 2 lb loss. I am not sure why that bothers me so much.. I loose that amount, it seems, every Sun/Mon/Tues recovering from not great eating over the weekend.. But that cleanse is really not that easy, I mean I am getting enough protein, but it is not like eating all of my points each day.. Hopefully today's workout and my food choices will have me down another lb tomorrow when I go to weigh in at WW.

This weekend is going to be tough, but with Sunday and Monday's weigh ins looming, I know that I will stay strong and at least just hold the candy and treats (along with my piece of pecan pie from dinner last night) until at least Monday :)...

Here are my numbers from yesterday:

Points Plus - 17 used/12 left (same for Sunday and Monday)
Activity Points - 6 (but only 98% of my goal)

I will leave you with a few pictures.. XOXO

This was me in January 2012 on the right and September 2012 on the left! 1/2 way to my goal!

My hubby, Dave and the girls, Avery on the left and Camille on the right!

Me and my girls (Camille left and Avery right)

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