Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Under the weather

Well, I have already fallen behind, but it is not my fault.. We went to the Texas State Fair on Sunday morning with my sisters and their families. I woke up that morning and my throat was a little sore and by the time we were on the train coming home, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I felt bad enough that I went to the doctor yesterday and I have strep throat and sinus infection - good times!

Last weekend was so fun! Started off the weekend with boot camp at 8 AM on Saturday morning, Dave and the girls went for a walk at the park where boot camp was at, so they had a ton of fun finding a new park to go to. After camp, we went to the Egg and I for breakfast, it was SO yummy!! Then, we had a couple of parties on Saturday, a friends surprise 50th birthday party and a welcome to Texas party for a friends boyfriend (who is also another friend's brother)... I have to admit that I didn't eat particularly well (especially at the Welcome to Texas party), but I stayed away from the alcohol so I think it balanced each other out :)....

We had so much fun at the fair! I had taken the twins last year with one of my sisters and her son. They really didn't get it but this year was a whole different story. They wanted to ride rides, play games, see shows and Camille got her face painted! Avery had two tries at it, but really freaked out and so she will try again next time.. I did alot better than I thought I would on the food at the fair! I had 1/4 of a Fried Samoas order, a Fletcher's corny dog and a few bites of a funnel cake. By the time we got home I felt so bad I didn't eat dinner, so my point total was okay for the day! However, I didn't track, and I didn't track yesterday because I was in bed all day.

I hope to get up and be back on track tomorrow. I am working from home today, because I have little to no energy..  XOXO

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