Monday, October 22, 2012

Found my Activelink!!

We looked everywhere for this stupid thing! This morning I am getting dressed and grab a bra out of my dresser and lo and behold there it is - on my bra strap! Geez.. I could have sworn I looked there...  Oh well, it is not like I am doing much today and tomorrow anyway... I am officially 1/2 way done with my 3 day cleanse.. I am doing okay, but I know that day 3 is the WORST! To make matters worse, it is my brother in laws birthday tomorrow and everyone is going to be enjoying meatball subs (deep sigh)... Oh well, it will be worth it when I never see my current weight again :)..

On a totally random side note: I am so excited for the first weekend in December! One of my closest friends moved to Florida for college when we were 18 and she never came back.. Well, not literally, she never moved back to Texas. She met her hubby in school and they moved to Jersey and recently back to Florida with their 2 kids. I was at her wedding, they came to our wedding and I have seen her a handful of times only during the last 20 years.. She is that friend that I don't have to talk to very often, and we are still close - I love that about our friendship! Anyway, she and her fam are coming to Dallas for the Cowboys/Eagles game the first Sunday in December. I could not be more excited! Her husband is a huge Eagles fan (and she is a huge Cowboys fan) so we are buying the game tickets today!! WOOHOO!! Can't wait to see her!

That is all I have today except that tonight my indoor soccer team plays at 10:45 (totally sucks) but if we win, we might actually make the playoffs. Now, I am really the only player that has ever played before (there are a few that played a bit in HS, but mainly is it moms that became friends due to their kids and then asked me to join). When I started playing a was literally 60 pounds heavier than I am today - crazeballs! It is great to get back out there and play again, especially now that I feel like I can run and I am mobile enough to really have flashes of the way I used to play... I know that the smart thing to do would be to skip the game, however I just can't do that the the team - I have this crazy sense of responsibility to be there...

Let's hope we pull out the victory tonight! XOXO

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